Exhibit of Shanghai Art Fair 2010

Shanghai Art Fair 2010(14th Edition), as a special event of Shanghai International Art Festival, will grandly open during September 8th to 12th in ShanghaiMART.

In the fair, a large bronze sculpture"Mahatma GANDHI",which is 2.2m high and weighs 1ton, created by Australian famous sculptor Cherina, will be exhibited in front of the north gate of ShanghaiMART. The Mahatma GANDHI, called as Pater Patriae by Indian people, will fixedly gaze at and bless Shanghai Art Fair, a beautiful and harmonious "art carnival", while Shanghai Art Fair will also make holy salutation to this great figure that changes the world.

When talking about his creation experience, Cherina stated that "Mahatma GANDHI" is the leader of Indian national independent movement as well as the creator of Indian Party, and he lead "Non-violent non-cooperation movement" to liberate India from the colony governance of England. He gave us direction and opened our eyes towards peaceful coexistence and better future for all. Martin Luther King followed in Gandhi's steps and finally Nelson Mandela did the same. So, GANDHI is not only Indian people's Pater Patriae, but also made people of the world proud forever.

Moreover,exhibition of the large bronze sculpture"Mahatma GANDHI" in Shanghai Art Fair from September 8 to 12, is very meaningful and special in terms of timing. As United Nations have declared October 2nd each and every year - to be PEACE DAY - GANDHI DAY.

And, United Nations declared September 21 as "International Peace Day" each year.
Mr. Cherina therefore thought that to present Sculpture "Mahatma GANDHI" in Shanghai Art Fair, though within such a short duration, can remind all the people to cherish world peace and to apprehend life is of utmost importance.

Mr. Cherina also introduces the creation of the sculpture "Mahatma GANDHI", that this artwork was created in New Delhi in 1974. When Mr. Gough Whitlam, premier of Australia then, also good friend of Cherina, wrote and introduction letter to premier Indira Gandhi, expressing the strong willing of Mr.Cherina of creating her father's sculpture. Supported by both premiers, Cherina was invited to New? Delhi and received warm welcome by premier Indira Gandhi. Cherina was given help from India's government with footegis of documentary films and photographs.

Cherina has used so called Roden touch in modeling only with his thumb and fingers, no tools. This gave life! Sculptor than minimized physical elements of expression by putting accent on muscles rather than bones. This has simplified the head-form to the maximum and extorted facial expression but up to the limit;so that physical likeness of Mahatma Gandhi was never lost. The result is in front of us; an historic work of fine art,sculpture.

Cherina finally expressed that it was difficult task to come up with unique and original idea of expressing greatness, kindness, philosophy, humanity and great many other virtues that Gandhi had; in one work of art, sculpture, but he hopes that the physical expression of Mahatma Gandhi can be transferred into psychological portrait of the Man.


Drago Marin CHERINA

"Mahatma GANDHI"

Bronze Sculpture
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